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Midwifery might seem like a hot new trend, but that is far from the truth. In fact, midwifery has been around for far longer than any of us have been alive. As with a lot of holistic practices, midwifery is gaining popularity again because of the overuse of prescription medications and invasive medical interventions. Women are seeking a different, more natural option for their gynecological health.

Many women assume that midwifery is only for prenatal care and delivery, but we at Midwifery Matters are here to debunk the myth and tell you, that’s not true! In fact, many women can benefit from working with a midwife at different phases of their family growth, and throughout their entire adult lives!

We understand if you might have assumed that midwives only work with pregnant women, which is why we have created a list of a few great reasons why you should see a midwife for your well woman care.

1. Midwives can help with family planning– A midwife can be a great resource before you have children by assisting with family planning including fertility awareness counseling.

2. Midwives can perform years well woman examsThis is exactly like getting your annual exam at the gynecologist. The midwife does a complete physical exam including a vaginal exam, takes a PAP smear, breast exam, and will discuss relevant health topics with you such as family care and nutrition. At Midwifery Matters, we have time for you. We invest our personal time and attention to your needs and answer any questions that you have.

3. Midwives have access to an incredible networkOne of the many reasons why women seek midwives for well woman care is because we have a network of specialists that we work with including chiropractors, doulas, acupuncture, massage therapists, etc. So we can make sure you are taken care of by professionals on every level!

Give us a call at (616) 258-2386 or sign up here to learn how Midwifery Matters can help you with your well woman care.

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